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By uploading his photo, chosen from a facebook profile or taken from a webcam, the internet user dives immediately into the Face City adventure: guided by the new BMW 1 Series and to the rhythm of his own music, automatically selected according to the musical tastes published on the facebook profile, a new city with familiar lines comes out of the ground… The car minds between the streets before rising above the clouds in order to reveal to the internet user, like a satellite picture would, a city built to his facial features.

Once revealed, this unique city can be explored indefinitely with the mouse, by zooming back and forth on the map.


While strolling his city, the internet user will be able to share his experience and call members of his network by giving his fictions position on Face City. From the names of restaurants to the names of streets, the survey points are there again personalized and unique. If he wishes, the internet user can also personalize buildings with his friends name and check-in at this new places, share his personal universe with his friends by saving his city or by broadcasting the movie of his visit ride.


Available on the facebook network, the Face City application will take place in the frame of the campaign for the launch of the new BMW 1 Series broadcasted since September the 27th (

Entitled « Joy fits you so fine », this campaign will be declined for prints, press and television.

Face City has been exclusively developed for the french market and will also be supported by a banner campaign on the internet.