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"Stay in rhythm!"

The first element of the campaign is a mini-music video ( wherein several fingers are playing with these “instruments”. Each instrument is added to the previous one, gradually making up an irresistible piece. By a split screen effect, the number of “playing” fingers multiplies while the various musical “layers” overlap.

“What if I touch?”

The goal of the Androïd game and mini-website ( / is above all to bring people (and its fingers) to test the game and to raise itself the temperature. Each body part animates according to the treatment which is made to him: to touch, draw,… And each gesture causes a specific sound (guitar, percussions, keyboards…). It will be also possible to play in "challenge" version on the Androïd application, and to try to reproduce a loop of sound by connecting the instruments. While exploiting the multiplicity of the sounds, body parts, and fingers, the application offers many possibilities to play all summer long.

What is Rapid HIV Testing?

Rapid HIV testing differs from conventional HIV testing and allows getting results to be ready in 5 to 30 minutes. This innovation indeed makes it possible to obtain the result by a light puncture on a finger. With the entire accompaniment necessary and two basic rules: anonymity, and without judgement. The occasion, finally, to take care of its health by improving its knowledge on other STI, which can be as many factors supporting the transmission of the HIV. For AIDES, “to get tested must become a gesture as familiar and convivial as "talking about sex" between friends or to buy food. Rapid testing is ideal for all those which are directly concerned with the epidemic and find the current testing unsuited for them: gays, migrants, sex pros, drug users …”


AIDES were set up in 1984 and were state-approved in 1990. It is the leading HIV/Aids organization in France. Since the beginning, the objective of the organization has been to reach people infected and / or affected by Aids in order to organize themselves and cope with this new disease.